Myeong Dong: A South Korea Tourist Attraction

Travel to South Korea and explore the captivating neighborhood of Myeong Dong.

Tucked in the city of Seoul, this Korean destination belongs at the top of your vacation itinerary. If you’re looking for retail therapy, you’ve come to the right place, as this hot spot is known as one of the city’s main shopping districts. Besides browsing the shops, you’ll also find various must-visit attractions, such as theaters and cultural centers. Meanwhile, if you’re visiting during spring or fall, don’t miss the highly anticipated Myeongdong Festival, which occurs twice a year.

Put on your walking shoes and get ready to shop until you drop. For starters, M Plaza is the place to find international brands of clothing sure to help you reach that globetrotting style you’re going for. Looking to score some beauty secrets from the Koreans? Myeong Dong is home to countless beauty stores, where you can pick up cosmetics at much cheaper prices than other areas of Asia, such as Singapore. In addition to the fashion and skincare shops, you’ll find street vendors selling everything from fish cakes to souvenirs. After a day spent romping around the shopping district, we have a feeling you’ll leave with your hands full.

In addition to shopping, you’ll come across various other South Korea tourist attractions. For a little drama, head to the Myeongdong Theater. Opened in 2009, the theater has lead the cultural charge in this part of town, showcasing all kinds of performances, from non-verbal productions to musicals. The theater even hosts acting contests and festivals. In the mood for some more theater? Check out the plays and concerts at Haechi Hall at the Seoul Global Cultural Center.

If you’re visiting during the bi-annual Myeongdong Festival, you’re in luck! These events provide the ultimate look at Korean culture, as they present a multi-day program filled to the brim. The streets come alive with dance contests, parades, fashion shows, and more. Marvel at the costumes, cheer on the cultural performances, and jam out at the K-POP concerts.

Whether you’re joining informational Myeong Dong tours or planning to explore the neighborhood as you please, you’re in for a treat. For more insight on what to expect on your next romp in Myeong Dong, check out our travel guide video and start packing your bags!


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