Part Time Jobs in PRAGUE & SALARY You can Expect in Czechia

Part time Jobs for Students in Prague, Brno or any part of Czech Republic. We discuss Salary in Czech, Jobs in English language, what kind of jobs you can get as a Student and how to apply for the work positions.

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* You are can legally work 20 hours (Part time) per week on a student Visa in Czech Republic (I said per month instead of per week)

Jobs can be categorised in few groups;
– Internships related to study
– Tourism industry eg tour guides, hotel work, Sellers
– Food industry (in the kitchen unless you speak good Czech then can customer face)
– Back-end jobs which are not seen eg. Warehouse work or IT , with low interactions with Czech speakers and can be with international customers
– English teaching and what you need for that kind of job

Video on how to get an IT Job, Salaries, Benefits and interview with JobSpin team ;

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