How To Edit A Wedding Film | Wedding Video Editing Tutorial #1

How To Edit A Wedding Film | Wedding Video Editing Tutorial #1 | Importing and Organizing in FCPX
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Welcome to the first video in a series all about how to edit wedding films in final cut pro x. I’m excited to take you through an entire edit from start to finish to inspire you push yourself creatively, AND work more efficiently!

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How to edit a wedding video has been a topic I have fielded questions on for years as the wedding video editing process can be a uniquely intimidating task. However, with this wedding video editing masterclass I hope you will feel ready to tackle any wedding film edit that comes your way.

This series will be broken down into a handful of videos that will take you from offloading your footage all the way to delivery of your final films. You’ll be sitting in semi-live on a really wedding film edit from one of our most recent wedding shoots. These wedding film editing tutorials will be pretty in depth but the topic as a whole is a pretty detailed process and I wanted to try to share everything I have learned in over 12 years in the industry.

Whether you are brand new to the industry trying to figure out how to edit a wedding video, or you’re a seasoned veteran that simply wants to catch a few wedding video editing tips and tricks to save time, there will be something for everyone in this series of wedding film tutorials.

This first video will focus entirely on important and organizing footage in final cut pro x. I’ll be using fcpx for this entire wedding video but note that many of the topics I discuss push further beyond the specific system. So, even if you are editing your wedding videos in adobe premier, or something else, there will be plenty of useful information.

Keep an eye out for more from this fcpx wedding video tutorial series. I can’t wait to share my wedding video editing process with you guys on how to film a wedding and more specifically how to edit a wedding film, and look forward to any questions you might have!

Many more tips for wedding filmmakers to come! See you all in the next video!

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