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Shibuya just got a new landmark called Miyashita Park. In a sense, calling it new is a bit of a stretch, since this place, originally a park between the Yamanote Line Train tracks, and Meiji Dori, one of the main roads in Shibuya, has been around for a long time. But the entire area was recently re-built from the ground up, and now houses a shopping complex with tons of trendy and hip stores. Something that vaguely resembles the original park has been recreated on the roof of the shopping complex. Just like before it houses a skateboard park, some green spaces as well as a little corner where people can try basic bouldering.

In this walk, we will first take a stroll around Shibuya’s vibrant streets, before visiting the rooftop of Miyashita Park.

0:00 Walkway over Meji Dori
1:00 Shibuya Scramble Square Entrance & Escalator
3:05 Shibuya Scramble Square Building
4:20 Hachico Square and Shibuya Crossing
6:15 Shibuya Center Gai
9:30 Spain Zaka
11:00 Robot Statue by Hajime Sorayama in front of Parco
12:05 Somewhat creepy Pikachu
12:25 Koen Dori
17:55 Walking under Yamanote Line
19:00 Reached Miyashita Park
19:40 Shibuya Cast
20:40 Meiji Dori View
23:10 Miyashita Park Rooftop
30:15 Miyashita Park Main Entrance (I think)

Recorded around 19:00 August 2nd 2020.

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