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A tour of Kilkenny City, Ireland, is to step back through time.

Stroll down streets laid out during the medieval era, sip tea in an ancient cathedral, and visit pubs that have served drinks through the centuries. Any Kilkenny City sightseeing is steeped in history and local lore, though you can enjoy it all with a dash of modern comfort and civilization.

Kilkenny City tourism often centers on Kilkenny Castle, a massive stone fortress built in 1195. The present castle is an enlargement of and improvement over a previous structure, whose walls protected medieval Kilkenny from raiders. Some of these walls and their towers are still present throughout Kilkenny City. You can tour the castle itself to get a taste of how the nobility lived hundreds of years ago; walk through grand halls with high, arched ceilings, study family portraits, and snap some pictures of traditional suits of armor.

After a long day of exploring the castle and wandering along the streets of Kilkenny City, enjoy a meal in one of the many historic buildings scattered around the downtown. There’s even more history waiting for you to discover tomorrow.

What was your favorite part of Kilkenny City?

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