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Next time you’ve got a desire to strap on your skis and skim down a mountain in Alberta, Canada, take a tour of Lake Louise Sky Area and Mountain Resort.

This lofty ski haven, perched on the slopes of Merlin Ridge, is the place to come for skiing, snowboarding, and other snow-related sports. Its more than 4,200 acres of land host over 100 runs of varying difficulty, so everyone from snow bunnies to advanced downhill adventurers will find something.

With 9 ski lifts and a high-speed gondola, getting to the top of Lake Louise Ski Area and Mountain Resort is a snap. The area receives 15 feet of snow per year, so you aren’t likely to run out of terrain anytime soon.

Sightseeing in Lake Louise Ski Area and Mountain Resort usually involves some time spent in the day lodge, where you can devour a hot meal at one of the restaurants, or just enjoy a hot cup of coffee after a particularly enthralling run.

What’s your favorite run at Lake Louise Ski Area and Mountain Resort?

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