Visit Dublin –Things To Do and See in Dublin, Ireland

Come travel with us and discover the best things to do in Dublin, Ireland!

More than a thousand years old, Ireland’s capital is an enthralling destination to explore. Whether you’re looking to discover Dublin’s extensive history or get a taste of the pub culture, you’ll find it all on the eastern coast of Ireland.

Begin your Dublin sightseeing by getting to know the city’s past at the Kilmainham Gaol. This former prison, which dates back to 1796, most famously incarcerated nationalist leaders associated with the major rebellions, including the 1916 Easter Rising. The prison closed in 1924, and has since been restored as a museum focused on the story of Irish nationalism. Take a step back in history and embark on a guided tour of the largest unoccupied gaol in Ireland.

For more history lessons, continue your journey to the Christ Church Cathedral. It’s considered the seat of the Church of Ireland and Roman Catholic Archbishops of Dublin, and manuscripts date it back to 1030. The establishment has experienced many changes and restorations over the years, making it a prime place to trace the city’s history. Learn about King Henry VIII’s role and the church’s long rivalry with St. Patrick Cathedral.

After dabbling in Dublin’s past, head to Temple Bar to get a sense of the city’s culture. This cobblestone strip is considered the heart of its nightlife, but truthfully, it’s captivating at any time of the day. Spend an afternoon window shopping, and then step into one of the bars for a traditional pub experience—you’ll fit right in with a pint and a plate of pub fare.

No Dublin visit is complete without exploring the Guiness® Storehouse and the Old Jameson Distillery. The Guiness® Storehouse is home to the world’s largest pint glass, but it’s also where you can learn the story behind the popular stout and sip on the brew straight from the source. To keep the good times rolling, head across the River Liffey to the Old Jameson Distillery. Here you’ll learn what three ingredients make up the famous whiskey, and you’ll even have the opportunity to sip a signature Jameson cocktail.

On your next romp to Ireland, set out on Dublin tours for a peek into the country’s largest city. For more tips and recommendations to get you excited about visiting, watch our Dublin travel guide video.


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