Jeju-do Island – City Video Guide

Next time you’re ready to walk through nature, pay a visit to Jeju-do Island.

This small enclave, located about 55 miles off the coast of South Korea, is remembered in history as “The Island of the Gods.” You’ll see why it has this nickname when you embark on a Jeju-do Island tour, and wander through its many natural wonders. Spend some time at the exquisite Cheonjiyeon Waterfall, or walk through the miles of paths that run along the coastline for a breath of fresh oceanic air. You can also spend hours in the Bijarim Forest, surrounded by ancient trees that reach over 80 feet into the sky.

Jeju-do Island sightseeing isn’t just about the flora and fauna, though. You can let your imagination run wild at the Trick Art Museum, or remember simpler days in childhood at the Teddy Bear Museum. If you’re ready to enjoy a skin-crawling good time, pay a visit to the Psyche Butterfly Multipark to see insects in action.

What was your favorite part of Jeju-do Island?

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