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Welcome to Khao Lak, a serene, quiet area nestled in Thailand’s west coast.

While full of appealing beaches and lush jungles, Khao Lak has not quite arrived on the tourism scene just yet. As a result of its quiet location, your Khao Lak tour will likely be very relaxing as you adapt to the slower pace of life in the area. Many of the locals live in huts on the seashore, or in small villages, and make their living via fishing and selling their wares to visitors. You won’t find high-rise skyscrapers or fancy resorts in Khao Lak. Instead, you’ll stay in charming, secluded accommodations that fit in perfectly with the area’s natural surroundings.

Khao Kal sightseeing no doubt includes a tour of the area’s interior. Tropical jungles and beautiful waterfalls are located right on the coastline, so you can emerge from an exploration of the interior and splash right into the warm Andaman Sea. For even more natural beauty, head to Cheo Larn Lake, located right near Khao Lak. This 64-square mile freshwater lake is navigable by boat, and sports some truly stunning landscapes. Hop onto a wooden canoe and wind through limestone cliffs draped with lush greenery.

How will you spend your time in Khao Lak?

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